Install rqlite

How to download and install rqlite

Prebuilt binaries are available for a variety of systems including Linux, macOS, and Microsoft Windows, and can be built for many target CPUs, including x86, AMD, MIPS, RISC, PowerPC, and ARM. You can find prebuilt binaries on the rqlite GitHub releases page.



docker run -p 4001:4001 rqlite/rqlite

Check out the rqlite Docker page for more details on running rqlite nodes via Docker.


brew install rqlite


The latest top-of-tree build is available for download from AppVeyor.

Note that the build processes for both Homebrew and Windows are not completely controlled by the rqlite organization. You use those binaries at your own risk.

What’s included?

An rqlite release includes two key binaries:

  • rqlited: the actual rqlite server.
  • rqlite: a command-line tool, for interacting with rqlite.

Depending on the packaging process, a simple benchmarking tool, rqbench, may also be included.

Build from source

How to build rqlite from source

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